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Being the Lover is a spin-off from Self:Cervix - the women's only project that teaches women how to awaken the cervix. The cervix is a portal of pleasure and ecstatic orgasm and so naturally, partners were curious about how to assist this process.

So in the complete programme, we teach you how to help your partner 'de-armour' her cervix so that lovemaking can become even more profound.

But Being the Lover is about so much more than de-armouring the cervix. In order to approach the cervix, we need to re-learn how to touch so that the cervix is met with sensitivity and body awareness. This touch upgrade will enhance all areas of love-making.

Using Betty Martin's wheel of consent, we dive into the various ways we touch as well as the traps we fall into as couples...the very things that cause frustration or confusion and ultimately a lack of desire. This is what we cover in Part 1.

When lovers heal the cervix and make contact with it in a loving way, it opens the way for sublime connection where the cervix literally draws you in.

I created Being the Lover after working on Self:Cervix for almost a year. I started to notice that women were finding it difficult to bring their partners in on their journey of cervical awakening. For starters, they had to ask for what they wanted which prompted so much old conditioning to come up and secondly, what to do with a cervix?! It's not common to talk about the cervix as a pleasure organ. It's a part of the body that has been almost disregarded in the west (apart from medicalisation). So this is part 1 of the couple's journey...

We have to learn to hold each other and ourselves through touch and the only way to do that is to learn about the programming we carry around touch. Part 1 is as much about the self as it is about the other.

Being the Lover is completely unique. The content is all there for you with easy to follow demos, audio guided exercises, interviews with world-class speakers and pleasure missions for you to try at home.

Take Your Time

If anything's going to spice up date night, these conversations will. And you can stretch it out to last as long as you want. You don't have to hurry your way through the content. It's self-paced so you get to choose how fast or slow you go through the content.

Diana Richardson (author of Tantric Orgasm for Women) - Part 2

Dr Betty Martin (The Wheel of Consent)

Mike Lousada and Louise Mazani (featured in Naomi Wolf's book Vagina)

Jayson Gaddis

Ruby May

Michaela Boehm

Yella Crema

Matt Schwenteck and Robyn Dalzen

Chris Stewart and Mangala Holland

Module 1: Solo Practise and Science

We learn how to attune our touch sensitivity on our own bodies and we figure out exactly what our trigger points are. We also learn science based concepts that influence intimacy.

Module 2: Preparations

- Four conscious intimacy practises to foster intimacy without touch

Module 3: Doing to Receive

- A road map to touch

- The most important thing you can learn as a giver of touch

- How to source pleasure for yourself

- The one agreement to put in place before trying anything!

Module 4: Being in Service

- How to give her exactly the kind of touch she wants

- Become aware of the traps we fall into as the giver so you stop the habit

- Learn how to ask for what you want so you never feel hesitant again, in fact your partner WANTS to know

Module 5: Conflict & Connection

- Tools to repair conflict

- A beautiful practise to enhance connection

- A real life, full disclosure coaching session with a couple in the programme

Module 6: Conscious Love-making and the Cervix

- Learn a beautiful touch dynamic to inform love-making

- How to de-armour yourself on his cock

- How to care for the cervix during love making

- The one thing you can do to improve sensation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who provides material for this course?
This course is created by Olivia Bryant who founded Self:Cervix. She includes Matt Schwenteck in some videos plus you'll also hear from all these world-class experts: Diana Richardson (author of Tantric Orgasm for Women), Dr Betty Martin (The Wheel of Consent), Mike Lousada and Louise Mazanti (featured in Naomi Wolf's book Vagina), Jayson Gaddis, Ruby May, Michaela Boehm, Yella Crema, Matt Schwenteck and Robyn Dalzen, Chris Stewart and Mangala Holland (special class: The Yoga of Gazing)
What support do I get?
You'll have access to our two coaches Matt & Robyn who are both specialists in this area. They are both available for sessions together or separately at an additional charge. You'll be invited to join their closed Facebook group where you can ask them specific questions and receive support. Women are also invited into the S:C group unless there already.
Why the Cervix?
The project is inspired by the women-only project Self:Cervix. In this project, we realised the potential of the cervix as a point of pleasure, and how to touch and care for this very sensitive part of a woman’s body. A cervical orgasm is described by many as the most emotional and profound of orgasms, and can have a powerful bonding effect between partners. To go there requires deep listening, collaboration and love. We learn how to empower each other as lovers so we no longer have to perform or please. Once this kind of safety is created, deep letting go becomes possible.
Can I complete the course in a more private way?
Private coaches are available if you would prefer. Please just let us know by writing to [email protected]
Is it all online?
How much time will it take?
As much or as little as you want. It's self-paced
Who is this for?
This is for you if you're a curious explorer. You're probably already a bit nerdy about intimacy and like to learn new ways of doing and being. It's for you if you have a cervix or a penis. This is NOT for you if: - you think this will fix your relationship - you are on shaky ground in your relationship - you have resentment and anger towards your partner that you haven't expressed. Go to therapy first and then come back! - If you don't like trying new things