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A Journey of Pleasure and Awakening

Next journey begins February 10.

At Self:Cervix, we have discovered that is possible to change your pleasure range and experience cervical orgasms even if you've never felt anything like that before...

Join a global community of women committed to healing and reaching orgasmic states of pleasure via the cervix. We will help you rewire your nerve centres and pathways to heal vaginal numbness, and open up to deeply profound orgasmic states.

Here's the thing; most women have some form of vaginal numbness or pain, particularly at the cervix. We know this because over 1900 women have taken part in this programme and shared their experience.

The cervix is usually medicalised or associated with birth. It is not commonly known as a vital part of our sexual anatomy!

Science has proven that the cervix is not only highly innervated but is also a centre of the most profound orgasmic experiences possible.

So what gets in the way? Emotional trauma such as shame, or physical trauma to the cervix caused by premature or rough penetration or invasive medical procedures.

Also pleasure habits and an absence of neural connection to the area limit our pleasure response.

The good news is you can heal
take pleasure to a whole new level.

“Through [Self:Cervix] and the wonderful videos that accompany it I've learnt so much about my own body, and have developed a beautiful solo pleasuring practice which is healing and empowering and which also challenges me in the best of ways. And as well as awakening me sexually, this practice has unleashed an incredible burst of creativity and confidence in me … being a part of this community and doing this work has opened up a whole world for me, and I now cannot imagine my life without it.” - Rajni

The course content includes:

  • 21 days worth of inspiring and motivating videos to keep you focussed.
  • Guided practices to help you de-armour from the entrance to the cervix
  • Understanding how armouring works
  • Learning to read your pelvic holding patterns
  • How to change your habits and refocus on the internal world
  • How to rewire orgasm to create an orgasmic state
  • Understanding the nervous system
  • Learn about relaxed arousal and the expansion principle.
  • You'll also get in-depth interviews with world-class sexuality experts and become immersed in a community of women who learn through the sharing their experiences.
  • Speakers include Layla Martin, Michaela Boehm, Dr Barry Komisaruk, Tami Lynn Kent, Susanne Roursgaard, Matt Schwenteck, Sanna Sanita, Fiona Soma, Silja Rehfeldt and many more. For a full list go to

A word from Olivia Bryant (Creator)

Olivia Bryant

If you're wondering how this all got started… well, it began with my own journey. Having discovered through bodywork that my cervix was completely numb, I went about trying to bring sensation back. In the process I discovered that other women were also numb or tense vaginally. We set about stimulating our cervices to see what would happen. The results were astounding. After doing four journeys myself, I completely rewired my pleasure response and this changed the way I engaged sexually with others.

This journey is filled with personal shares and expert interviews. There is so much experience in the online group - you will feel supported and inspired by the stories of others, and be motivated to jump into the journey again and again.

What you'll get:

  • In depth coaching videos for every week
  • Online coaching within the forum from two coaches
  • Instructional videos to help you awaken your cervix and experience more pleasure
  • Live group calls
  • Resources and playlists
  • Lifetime membership to the Self:Cervix Facebook group where you get exclusive access to podcasts and new material (priceless!)
  • Expert interviews with world class teachers

Price: $US 297 (Value: $1098)

You can also do the journey in private with your own personal coach.

While much of the journey is about connection with community, sometimes you may not be ready to engage OR you would like to have a support person on your team to enrich your experience. With a personal coach you get one Skype session per week (3 x 50 min sessions) plus two follow up emails. You can still participate and read the shares on the group board or stay offline.

To do the journey in private the investment is $799. Please contact us at if you'd like to undertake this option.

This course is not yet open for enrolment.

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"Participating at Self:Cervix was a wonderful path for me. The benefits were multidimensional. But the greatest thing was, I made a big step in loving myself not only on a physical level, but with my heart. I felt incredibly blessed spending so much time with myself … laughing, crying and realizing so many things about my body, my history and my approach in the past and what I want for my future. It was such a blissful experience and I am going to do other rounds, that’s for sure!" Nicole Strübin

"Self:Cervix has changed my life. As a survivor of sexual abuse, sexual pleasure for me has always felt like something foreign and incomplete - like a problem without a solution. Everything changed when I discovered this course. Not only have I made huge and profound shifts toward sexual healing, but the experience has opened up oceans of new sensual possibilities and personal discoveries, and increased my sense of confidence, vibrancy and personal power in ways I could never have previously imagined. I'm learning to love and understand my body - and she's responding in the most beautiful and mysterious ways. And this is just the beginning! This work is so powerful and the transformative potential is limitless. I would recommend this course to every woman. Every woman should discover the awesome power of her cervix!" - Liz

“I had no relationship with my cervix before this journey – this place that is the core of who I am as a woman. By connecting with my cervix, I connected with my seat of power. The Holy of Holies that is within me. I will be forever grateful for this journey and for the guidance, sisterhood and self-permission to go deep within myself and find my strength. “ Robyn Dalzen

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?
Sexual benefits include: -increased sensation - greater capacity for pleasure and orgasm - pain-free sex, increased libido - ability to assert boundaries and desires. The healing benefits include: - ability to heal behavioural patterns - a more empowered sense of self - ability to communicate with confidence - diminished anxiety, improved relationships - increased self worth and self love - connection and awakening the feminine - reduced period pain - improved vaginal condition during menopause.
How long can I access the course?
This is an initiation into a lifelong practise of vaginal and cervical care. By signing up, you'll get one year content membership and four facilitated journeys. You get to repeat the journey with us over the year, or drop out for a while and come back. You'll get the same amount of individual support each time at no extra cost!
What is the time commitment?
Some days you might put in 15 minutes. Other days might feel more spacious so you may treat yourself to an hour of cervix time!
How does it work?
Each journey runs for 21 days. Every day there is a coaching video inspiring your journey. You'll have support from the coaches in the online group as well as the other women in the community. It's up to you how much you share, participate and engage in the journey. Once per month we encourage a meet-up. We offer an online circle as well as a support call during the 21 days.
What do I need to do this course?
We recommend having a glass wand to stimulate the deeper areas of your vagina including the cervix. We will offer a list of recommended products.
Is Self:Cervix queer friendly?
Self:Cervix acknowledges that the dominant structures in society at large are cis gendered and heteronormative. We are now actively engaged with making Self:Cervix a safer space for all people who identify wholly or partly as women. We welcome all sexualities.

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